• Wall stickers work best on smooth, flat surfaces such as plastered walls and wooden doors.
  • If you are applying to newly painted walls please allow them to fully dry before using the stickers (usually 2-3 weeks).
  • Ensure that the surface is completely clean, dry and free from dirt (dust and small lumps will be more noticable under vinyl).
  • Ensure that you position your sticker correctly before you start as removing vinyl once stuck can damage it. Use a spirit level or measure from two points that you know are straight or just align by eye.
  • Applying wall stickers can be fun so work carefully and take your time.


Carefully follow these application instructions to achieve the best results with your wall stickers. If you are using the smaller stickers, which do not require precise placement you may choose to simply remove the backing paper and carefully apply the sticker starting from one corner working towards the diagonal opposite.

Lay the sticker face up on a flat surface and press with the squeegee to ensure that all parts of the sticker are stuck to the application film.
Your wall sticker has 3 layers - the top layer is the application film, the middle layer is the vinyl sticker and the bottom layer is the backing paper.
Decide where you want to place your sticker. When you are happy with the position, tape all 4 corners to the wall with masking tape and apply a strip of tape across the middle of the sticker to create the anchor point.
Remove the tape from one side of the anchor point. Carefully peel the application film and vinyl away from the backing paper until you reach the middle anchor point. If the vinyl does not come away from the backing paper, press it back onto the film by rubbing it with the squeegee.
Use scissors to cut away the backing paper, close to the anchor point. Two pairs of hands may work better here but aren't essential.
Use your squeegee to slowly stick the application film (concentrating on the vinyl area) to the surface, working from the anchor point outwards being careful to remove all bubbles.
Wait a moment for the vinyl to adhere to the wall and then slowly remove the remaining masking tape. You can now peel back the second half of the sticker.
Carefully peel away the remaining backing paper, ensuring that the vinyl is firmly stuck to the application film.
Use your squeegee to slowly stick the remaining application film (concentrating on the vinyl area) to the surface, working outwards being careful to remove all bubbles.
Slowly peel back the application film, ensuring that the vinyl is fully adhered to your surface. If the vinyl lifts off the surface at any point, simply ease it back down slowly with your squeegee as you continue to pull the film, being careful to remove all bubbles.
Admire your work!


To keep the paint intact, use a hairdryer (on a warm setting) to gently heat the vinyl and soften the adhesive. Starting from one corner, peel away slowly and as close to the wall as possible, heating the next area as you work. It is important to work slowly for best results. Usually there won't be any glue residue left behind but simple detergent can be used if there is.

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